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We’re propelling San Diego forward by changing lives through an unforgettable experience! Make ROC Wellness Center your premier destination on your journey to better health. We’re chiropractors, acupuncturists and therapists coming together to enhance your fullest life expression. We offer health-conscious Mission Valley residents an extraordinary experience of improved vitality and heightened sense of well-being. Patient comfort and well-being are a primary concern of the ROC Wellness Center. Techniques utilized require maximum skill and dexterity. These techniques are the most gentle and the most effective in our profession. Pain and discomfort can distract us from the most important things in our lives, and can sometimes interrupt them completely. But you don’t have to let your condition control you. At the ROC Wellness Center, we not only focus on relief from pain, but on prevention and correction. Here we offer an integrative approach utilizing all disciplines, from orthopedics, pain management, family / internal medicine, nutrition, as well as supplements, all under the same roof. Here at the ROC Wellness Center we get to the source of your problem.

We find it. We fix it. We keep it corrected. We don’t treat the pain that has the patient. We treat the patient that has the pain.